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Featured Futurama Comics #43 and Futurama Comics #79 are now available for download on the Futuramaland app for all your iOS and Google Play enabled mobile devices!

By Ian Boothby,  James Lloyd, Mike Rote


Futurama is back with a double issue/double feature! First, the Planet Express crew heads to a desert planet world to take part in a decadent partying event called Burning Mom, where a giant wicker statue of Mom will be burned in effigy. But the event sponsor, Mom herself, has plans to use the proceedings to even the score and rid the world of the revolting revelers. Then, while helping Leela with some volunteer work at the Orphanarium, Fry tells the children the bedtime tale of Bendocchio, the little robot who wishes to be a real meatbag. And with a little help from the Bluetooth Fairy and the keeper of his conscience, Jiminy Circuits, he may very well get his wish!

By Ian Boothby, James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy


Professor Farnsworth invents a reality-reversing machine that makes everything the opposite of the way it was (or is?) and somehow manages to send Fry a thousand years into the past rather than the future. And if that sounds confusing, it’s because it makes perfect sense.

By Ian Boothby, James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy


When President Nixon discovers that the population is getting too smart to re-elect him again, he gets Dr. Wernstrom to create a machine that will make everyone stupider until Election Day. However, the Dumbsday device affects everyone but Fry, making him “the smartest man in the world.”

By Ian Boothby, Tone Rodriguez, Andrew Pepoy


The Planet Express crew is surprised to learn that Kif has come down with a rare fatal disease and has only a week to live. In keeping with Amphibiosan tradition, Leela and Amy attempt to throw a funeral that he can really enjoy before he passes on, but Kif has other ideas…plenty of other ideas. Meanwhile, Bender gets bent out of shape over Professor Farnsworth’s new vacuum cleaner, the Room Runner.

By Ian Boothby, James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy


When an intergalactic gazillionaire comes to visit Earth to find an heir, Bender poses as a Little Orphan Android to win over the futuristic sugar Daddy Warbucks. But this financially loaded tycoon has more on his mind than taking in a fiendishly lovable tyke…try hunting him for sport!

By Ian Boothby, James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy


Fry complains that New New York City seems to be changing overnight, and after pulling an all-nighter by drinking a can  hyper-caffeinated Slurm, he discovers an alien race called the Developers are actually changing the city for the better overnight…while the city sleeps! But is “better” really better…not for Bender!

By Eric Rogers, Tone Rodriguez, Phyllis Novin


At last it can be told…the true story of the DOOP’s greatest hero…Zapp Brannigan! We’re talking about the “universal” super soldier who kept the galaxy safe time and time again with his faithful friend and first officer Kif Kroker at his side….and not the buffoonish windbag who continues to fail upwards much to that same ill-fated first officer’s frequent embarrassment.

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